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2017 Master Plan Amendments: Planning & Zoning in New Orleans

On Monday, July 10th, the City Council will hold a Committee of the Whole Meeting at 10:00 a.m. in the City Council chamber to receive public comment on ordinances that will amend the Master Plan, also known as the Master Plan or Plan for the 21st Century: New Orleans 2030.

At the meeting on July 10th, the Council will hear public comments and discuss proposed amendments to the Master Plan, before taking a formal vote at the Regular City Council Meeting on Thursday, July 27, 2017.

To review the ordinances and the changes that are proposed to the Master Plan, please see the links below:

Master Plan Amendment Process - Overview

The City Council is currently reviewing proposed amendments to the Master Plan (also known as Plan for the 21st Century: New Orleans 2030) and encourages the public to be aware of the following upcoming dates:

July 10, 2017 - Meeting of the Committee of the Whole to host a public hearing on the proposed amendments. The Committee will receive public comment only - no actions will be taken by the Council at this meeting.

July 27, 2017 - Regular Council meeting to vote on the proposed amendments (Ord. Cal. Nos. 31,917 and 31,918), and Motion for CPC to reconsider certain amendments.

October 2017 (estimate) ­- The CPC will have 60 days to further consider any amendments included in the Motion and submit new/final recommendations to the Council.

December 2017 (estimate) - The Council will have 45 days to consider the final CPC recommendations before voting on the final batch of Master Plan amendments. Any amendments not included in this final ordinance will not be incorporated into the Master Plan.

Master Plan Amendment Process - FAQs


When is the Council voting on the amendments?

Currently, the Council is expected to take action during the Regular Council meeting scheduled for July 27, 2017 (the deadline for the Council to vote on the proposed changes is August 2, 2017. July 27 is the last Regular meeting before the deadline).

What is the difference between Cal. No. 31,917 and 31,918, and what is Attachment A?

Calendar Number 31,917 is an ordinance to approve changes to the TEXT of the Master Plan (Chapters 1-16).

Calendar Number 31,918 is an ordinance to approve changes to the MAPS of the Master Plan (Planning Districts 1-12).

Each Calendar Number has an Attachment A which contain the Master Plan changes to be made, exactly as recommended by the City Planning Commission (CPC). Unless amended by a vote of the Council, if approved all changes in Attachment A (respectively) will be incorporated into the Master Plan.

The Council may also ask the CPC to further consider proposed amendments, which must be done by Motion on July 27 as well. Any Master Plan amendments not included in the Ordinance or Motion will be denied and cannot be reconsidered by the CPC or the Council.

What is the difference between the 'ordinance' and the 'motion'?

Ordinances 31,917 and 31,918 approve all amendments to the Master Plan that are included in Attachment A (respectively).

For all amendments that Council would like for CPC to reconsider, a Motion will be put forth directing CPC which amendments to examine, what the Council would like to change, and why.

Councilmembers are currently reviewing the amendments proposed, and identifying amendments they would like to remove from the Ordinances and add to the Motion for the CPC to reconsider. Councilmembers may propose these changes (amending the Ordinance and Motion) until they are voted on and approved by the Council (scheduled for July 27). Any amendment that is not included in either one of these documents cannot be reconsidered by the Council or the CPC (until the next time the Master Plan is amended).

What happened to Chapter 14?

Chapter 14 was often referred to as the "force of law" chapter, as it contains the Future Land Use Categories, or the official descriptions of each type of land use, which has the force of law.

If the amendments are approved as recommended, Chapters 12 and 13 will be combined into a single chapter and Chapter 14 will become Chapter 13.

Meeting of the Committee of the Whole - Public Hearing on July 10 th

Will the Council receive written comments in advance of the July 10 th meeting?

Yes. Written comments may be mailed directly to Councilmembers or submitted online via the form below. Please be sure to include specific details about the changes you are commenting on, such as page numbers (so Councilmembers can find the content you are referring to).

How are public comments (written or verbal) considered?

Councilmembers will review all submitted comments, and may choose to research or take action on information included in comments.

What is the deadline for submitting a written comment?

There is no deadline; public comments may be submitted at any time. Any public comments received before the Ordinances and Motion are voted on at the July 27 meeting may be transmitted to CPC for reconsideration. Public comments received after July 27 may be considered by individual Councilmembers before voting on the final batch of Master Plan amendments (estimated - December 2017).

What action is the Council taking on July 10?

None. The Meeting of the Committee of the Whole on July 10 is only for the purpose of receiving public comments on the proposed ordinances.

How many speakers will be allowed?

The number of speakers at the July 10th Meeting of the Committee of the Whole will depend on the number of people who submit speaker cards and the discretion of the President of the City Council.

Is there a time limit for speakers?

Yes. There will be equitable time limits determined by the President of the City Council. Depending on the number of speaker cards submitted, there will be approximately 2-3 minutes per speaker.

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New Orleans City Council Accepting Public Comment on 2017 Master Plan Amendments: Planning & Zoning in New Orleans

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