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Council Staff

Stacy Head Councilmember-At-Large 504-658-1060
504-658-1068 (fax)
Jonathan T. Harris Chief of Staff 504-658-1066
Catrina Simmons Executive Assistant 504-658-1061
Barbara Lacen-Keller Constituent Services 504-658-1069
Lynn Alline Director of Special Projects 504-658-1065
Katie Baudouin Policy Advisor/Special Projects 504-658-1063

Jason Rogers Williams Councilmember-At-Large 504-658-1070
504-658-1077 (fax)
Liana Elliott Chief of Staff 504-658-1074
Katie D. Hunter-Lowrey Director of Communications 504-658-1075
Keith D. Lampkin Legislative Director 504-658-1073
Sabrina M. Hains Executive Assistant 504-658-1078

Susan G. Guidry Councilmember 504-658-1010,
504-658-1016 (fax)
Gordon McLeod Chief of Staff 504-658-1014
Alexis Kyman Legislative Director 504-658-1017
Mary Cunningham Director of Constituent Services 504-658-1002
Leatrice Dupré Communications Director/Community Liaison 504-658-1012
Alison Poort Legislative Aide & Special Projects Director 504-658-1013

LaToya Cantrell Councilmember 504-658-1020
504-658-1024 (fax)
John D. Pourciau Chief of Staff 504-658-1028
Julius Feltus Senior Advisor for Community Relations 504-658-1023
Bryon Cornelison Director of Constituent Services 504-658-1029
Laura B. Bryan Director of Land Use 504-658-1021
Shelly Beck Director of Communications 504-658-1022

Nadine M. Ramsey Councilmember 504-658-1030
Kara Johnson Chief of Staff 504-658-1032
A. Lena Stewart Deputy Chief of Staff/Special Projects 504-658-1038
Aylin A. MaKlansky Legislative Director 504-658-1031
Landon Williams Director of Constituent Services 504-658-1034
Sandra G. Thomas Director of Special Projects 504-658-1033

Jared C. Brossett Councilmember 504-658-1040
504-658-1048 (fax)
Domonique C. Dickerson Chief of Staff 504-658-1044
Tanya Nettles-Evans Office Manager 504-658-1045
Peter Waggonner Constituent Services 504-658-1042
Byron Minor Constituent Services 504-658-1043

James Austin Gray II Councilmember 504-658-1050
504-658-1058 (fax)
Maurice Baird Chief of Staff 504-658-1053
Dominique Verner Legislative Director 504-658-1055
Mary Fontenot Smith Director of Strategic Organizing & City Engagement 504-658-1054
Maria Tio Director of Communications, Scheduling & Events 504-658-1051
Rachel M. Clayton Legislative Associate and Community Liaison 504-658-1056

District "C" Councilmember Nadine Ramsey to Host Rescheduled Football Camp at Cut-Off Playground with Former New Orleans Saints Player Marlon Favorite on Saturday, September 2   8.30.17

Enabling Chrome Flash Player to View Meeting Video  8.15.17

Media Advisory: Agenda Highlights for Regular Council Meeting on August 10, 2017  8.09.17

New Orleans City Council to Hold Special Meeting on Tuesday, August 8 to Pose Questions and Receive Updates on Recent Heavy Rain and Flood Response  8.07.17

Upcoming Events

9.25.17  Utility, Cable, Telecommunications and Technology Committee Public Meeting

9.25.17  Governmental Affairs Committee

9.25.17  Budget/Audit/BoR

9.25.17  Transportation and Airport Committee

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